About Steve

Steve Harryman is the author of Char’s Gift, a new book about triumph over the storms of life and the depth of God’s unfailing love.

He was married to his wife, Char, for nearly thirty-three years and watched her face a malignant brain tumor with remarkable grace and joy. Given just two years to live at her diagnosis, Char lived for twenty-four more years and became a wellspring of hope to all who knew her.

Now, Steve is honoring Char’s legacy and sharing her inspirational message through his writing. He plans to continue sharing Char’s story for all those who need encouragement in the hardest times.

In addition to his writing, Steve is also an award-winning filmmaker, photographer, and founder of Hope Through The Storm Ministries. He lives in West Michigan.

About Char


Doctors told Char she had two years to live. But God had another plan.

Char’s incredible journey was a testament to her faith and the strength she received from God. She was given the gift of time, and she used that time to be a gift to others. It would’ve been easy to give up. To lose heart. To lose hope. But Char and Steve chose a different path. Together, they turned tragedy into a powerful ministry and lasting legacy.

Char was a light, bringing a spirit of hope and joy to everyone she met. She was also a giver, and she continues giving even now through the inspirational message of Char’s Gift.


"Friday morning brought great optimism. Char was doing remarkably well, so well that she was thanking every doctor who walked into her room and giving them all a hug. It was fun to watch her taking these doctors entirely out of their element. And it wasn’t limited to just the doctors; she thanked every nurse, nurse tech, and food service worker. Even the person who came in to clean the room couldn’t escape being a recipient of Char’s thankfulness. It was a joy to witness."

Excerpt from Char's Gift Chapter 6