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Logan and Kathleen Heath


"Char’s Gift constantly reminds you that you’re not just reading a book about hope, love, and perseverance, but about life itself and all of its joyous and heartbreaking twists. You quickly become invested in these two people, connecting with their virtues as well as their flaws. Char's Gift has a unique authenticity because Steve shows you the true humanity in his story. And when true humanity is face to face with mortality, you get to see truly inspirational choices made with faith and love.

Steve shares the deepest parts of his story, and that vulnerability will reach the deepest parts of anyone willing to take the journey with him. It’s impossible to experience Char's Gift and not walk away changed in some way."

Jeff Allen Nichols

"This is an outstanding page turner. I started reading and I could not stop. Steve Harryman tells the story of his life with his wife Char, who passed away after a long battle with cancer last year. It is a wonderful tribute to the love of his life and the lives they touched along the way. Char continued to bless people right up until the end. And what a life she led - She was a true angel. It is horribly sad what she and Steve went through, but you can't help but feel inspired after you read this. I heartily recommend this book to everyone, it is a must read."

Joyce C.

"A heartwarming story about true love, faith and hope. About a beautiful couple with a strong faith in God. A true inspiration for anyone, especially anyone facing a terminal illness."

Kendra Haisma

"Incredible story of the journey Char and Steve Harryman faced after Char was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The story is real and raw and told in a honest, relatable way. There is quite a bit of humor mixed through out that gives us a glimpse of Char’s character and personality and had me laughing. It was a wonderful read, a truly impactful story about hope and God’s unconditional love."

Cheri Harrison

"What a beautiful story of Char and her husband Steve's journey battling brain cancer. This is my daughter and son-in-laws story also. My son-in-law is battling glioblastoma brain cancer and just past his 2 years since his diagnosis. He and my daughter and two grandsons are so strong and fighting this battle together with a positive spirit. Praise God! You MUST read this book. Thank you Char, your an Angel in God's Kingdom now and thank you Steve for writing this book. Thank you for all you and Char did to help and encourage others as you walked through the valley. God bless you!"

Jim A.

"Steve Harryman's storytelling provides us a glimpse into the inspirational life of his wife Char. Char, and Steve dealt with many shared experiences that most of cannot easily comprehend are described in open, sad, and so often uplifting ways. Char's strength of faith and love, love for everyone in her life and those that she brought into her life to bring hope, love and faith to them are touching and riveting. Steve's telling of this story is both heart wrenching and heart warming at the same time. This book that will cause you to think about your life, your love for those in your lives and those who are not and gives us inspiring examples to help us live life."

Joshua Wilda

"This book is filled with love, faith, mission, perseverance and a story which we can all adopt, whatever our circumstances are if you fill your heart with faith and service to those around you, you will be fulfilled. This is truly book chronicles two love stories, one between two individuals whose spirit and love for each other served as strength to serve others. It is also a love story of faith, hope in God. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, this book is uplifting and inspirational to all."

Thomas Fantin

"What Char and Steve accomplished during their lives together is inspiring, filled with love and passion. I found myself blowing through the pages, wanting to learn more about their journey and how they continued to touch so many lives. Such a beautiful, well-written love story!"